Quick, Simple and Effective.

Benson MIC consistently meets the expected return on investment, as well as your expectations. We strive to preserve your equity, and a secure and stable investment. Founded in 2010 as a mortgage brokerage, the Benson Mortgage Group built a reputation for customer satisfaction and extremely competitive services. Our mortgage service ​has dealt with both residential and commercial mortgages, and as a result has brought countless professionals in (various fields) under our wing. We focused on short-term bridge financing and have since then moved on.


With both residential and commercial mortgages being invested in, there is a whole array of possibilities available to evolve and progress your money.



Our mortgage competitive mortgage service at Benson MIC offers first and second mortgages for up to 85% of the property’s value, and loan options available range from $15,000 to $15,000,000.



Our dedicated team of accredited real estate and investment experts work for you, and build a tailored investment plan suited to your needs.


Priding ourselves with reliable loan administration and thorough due diligence, ​we work​ ​to provide investors with a sense of safety in investing.​


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