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Why Invest With Benson Mortgage Investment Corporation?

Benson Mortgage Investment Corporation consistently meets the expected return on investment. We strive to preserve your equity and provide you with a secure and sound investment. We pride ourselves on our reputation for client satisfaction and our competitive services. We are confident we can work together to evolve and grow your money.

With over 5.5 million dollars in assets under management, we look forward to continued growth, success and enterprise in the coming years.

As of December 2018, the Benson MIC portfolio allocation by mortgages saw 38% investment in single family house construction mortgages and 62% investment in single family residential mortgages.

When investing in mortgages, investors are protected by:
  • 12 month terms which allow for re-pricing as interest rates change
  • A historically stable real estate market in the GTA
  • Transparent communication and strict enforcement procedures to manage risk 

Investing in mortgages can provide a significant return. Benson MIC offers you your return in either stock, or cash, according to the shareholder’s discretion. As a Canadian non-bank lender, our diverse portfolio allows us to consistently meet the expected return on investment.

Your investment is shielded from the volatility that would exist in the stock market, and you will benefit from a greater ROI than traditional investments with the bank. Whether you are a first-time investor or are well-versed in the market, Benson MIC has a proven investment strategy in the GTA housing market.

Benson MIC mortgages are administered by Benson Management Corporation.
Administrator Licence #12350


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